Understanding the Growth Story to Succeed in Multifamily Investing with Josh Satin

Josh Satin is the Director of Acquisitions at Gelt, Inc.  He is an experienced multifamily and mobile home investor involved in the acquisition of over 3300 units valued at over $300 million.  He is a former Major League Baseball player for the NY Mets and Cincinnati Reds and started his investing journey while still playing baseball by working with a mentor who exposed him to passive syndication investing.  In this episode, Josh talks about the importance of an experienced sponsor, understanding the expenses and knowing the story behind the markets you invest in.

Josh talks about looking at various different industries and jobs after he retired from baseball and how he kept looking until he found his passion in multifamily investing. He mentions that he had a trusted mentor that helped him begin in the business and helped develop his interest in real estate while he was still playing baseball.

Josh discusses how location is essential when selecting investments, but it’s more than just job and wage growth. The investor needs to look at the story as to why that location is experiencing growth and understand how sustainable and widespread those growth metrics are. He talks about using a rent-controlled market as a positive as it keeps competitors away and you can find success if you understand and work within the regulations in the market.

Josh talks about the importance of finding the right sponsor and how critical that is to the success of the passive investor. He mentions how important it is to understand the proforma expenses that sponsors use for their financial projections. He also cautions that many sponsors underestimate the costs to operate the property which can lead to real problems if rent growth comes in under expectations.

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To connect with Josh, go to josh@geltinc.om or go to www.geltinc.com.

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