Trading Control for Diversification with Jeremy Roll

Jeremy Roll is the President of Roll Investment Group and Co-Founder of For Investors by Investors – a Community started in 2007 with the goal of facilitating networking and education for real estate investors. In this episode Jeremy talks about giving up control in an investment in order to gain diversification and leverage the time and experience of others.

Jeremy discusses how he is currently focusing on short term investments such as hard money loans on flips and assets that do not rely on appreciation such as ATM’s.  He is interested in cash flow and a quick payback period during the current market.

Jeremy talks about self storage and mobile homes as two of his top asset classes over the next ten years as well as his preference for single asset investments and when he feels comfortable investing in funds.

Jeremy discusses some of the main things to look for in the Private Placement Memorandum and the LLC Operating Agreement and his belief in the necessity of doing background checks on sponsors before investing.
Below are the links to companies he uses for background checks:

Jeremy believes a critical component of investing success is to create your own box and make sure that the deals you invest in meet the criteria you select – if a deal doesn’t fit inside your own personal box, then you should not invest in it.

Podcasts he recommends:
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Cash Flow Ninja 
Cash Flow Connections with Hunter Thompson

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