Syndicator List

The following is a list of syndicators known to Left Field Investors.  Please note that this is just a list and you should do your own due diligence prior to investing with a sponsor.

Left Field Investors, it’s Founders and Members have not vetted or approved any of the sponsors on this list.  Left Field Investors does not endorse any of the sponsors – the list is for informational purposes only.

Left Field Investors is not recommending an investment with any of these sponsors.  Each person must evaluate each sponsor individually and must make their own investment decisions.  

*The Syndicators with an asterisk are LFI Preferred Partners. For more information, go to our Preferred Partner page.

Multi-Family Syndicators

Self Storage Syndicators

Mobile Home Syndicators

Multi-Asset Fund Syndicators

Other Syndicators

Diversified Real Estate Investment Firms/Capital Raisers

For Procrastinators

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