Private Money Lending with Alex Breshears

Alex Breshears is a private money lender, syndication investor, community builder, military spouse and much more. She started a private lending company, Infinite Road Investments, funding first and second position loans on residential property and runs a Facebook Group called Private Lending Lessons. She is also the Fund Investor Relations Manager for Mission First Capital – a company dedicated to providing real estate investment opportunities to active duty and veteran military personnel. In this episode, Alex talks about her journey into private lending and the group she started to help others become private lenders and passive investors.

Alex discusses some of the mistakes new investors make in not analyzing their desired lifestyle and current skillset which makes it difficult to find investments that match their desires and skills.  She also talks about how networking led her to private lending and has continued to help her along the way.

Alex mentions that early in her career she saw that borrowers have to always pay the mortgage lenders and realized being in the private lending business was a great way to create passive income.  She used her skills to create the lifestyle desired as she knew she wanted to be in real estate, but she did not want to be a landlord or a flipper.

Alex describes the difference between private lending and hard money lending. Private lending is borrowing capital directly from the person in control of the funds and making the decisions and hard money is usually backed by a financial institution with strict guidelines and policies when making loans. She also talks about how private lending is very relationship focused and most lenders work in only one or two markets that are familiar to them.

Alex talks about the need to find an attorney who knows private lending and she talks about the typical terms and rates used by private lenders.

Alex discusses her desire to get more women involved in syndication and private lending and helping the reduce the obstacles women face financially that sometimes inhibits their ability to become passive investors.

Alex talks about her work with Mission First Capital which is a investment fund operated by military veterans that allows investors to access syndications with a minimum investment amount of $5000.

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To connect with Alex, go to Private Lending Lessons on Facebook or contact her on LinkedIn or at Mission First Capital.

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