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The Hands-Off Investor by Brian Burke

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I am one of the founders of Left Field Investors and the host of the Passive Investing from Left Field podcast. I am a former financial advisor and became frustrated with the one-path-fits-all approach of the standard financial services industry. I now concentrate on investing in real assets that produce cash flow and am committed to sharing this knowledge with others who are interested in learning a different way to grow wealth to allow for diversification among multiple investments and syndication sponsors. I think the most important factor in a successful syndication is finding a sponsor that I know, like and trust. I have invested in over 85 passive syndications including apartments, mobile homes, self-storage, private lending and notes, ATM’s, commercial and industrial triple net leases, assisted living facilities, Bitcoin mining and international coffee farms and cacao producers.

I am married with three kids living in Dublin Ohio where I like to play ultimate frisbee, watch the Buckeyes and go Jetsurfing with the family!

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