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Vice President, telecom company

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More than 5 Years

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Tax Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright. It even inspired me to join Tom’s Wealthability network to hire one of their CPAs.

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I invested in single family rentals with a “tribe” before there were tribes. Two friends and I took a bro trip to Virginia Beach where we decided to invest in rentals near the military community. As we learned the space I got comfortable branching into other markets on my own in Florida and Arkansas.

As it appears to be the story for many here, I began to want to unwind my SFRs to invest as a LP in other syndications. A couple things motivated me: wanting exposure to other asset classes where I have interest but no experience, realizing I couldn’t scale well, and realizing I could make similar returns with less effort “managing the property manager.”

I especially excited about multi-family, ATMs, and self storage.

I grateful this community exists and I look forward to meeting fellow Infielders.



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Donna O'Callaghan

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