Investing in Real Assets that Produce Real Cash Flow with Jim Pfeifer

Jim Pfeifer is one of the founders of Left Field Investors and the host of this podcast. He is a full-time passive investor and concentrates on investing in real assets that produce cash flow. Jim is committed to sharing his knowledge with others who are interested in learning a different way to grow wealth.   

This episode is a replay of The DJE Podcast hosted by Devin Elder.  Jim shares his journey from being a traditional stock market investor to active real estate investor until he found his current passion – passive real estate syndications. Jim also shares how he started the Left Field Investors Community with the goal of helping like-minded investors network and learn together.

To connect with Jim go to or send an email to Our sponsor, Tribevest provides the easiest way to form, fund, and manage your Investor Tribe with people you know like, and trust.  Tribevest is the Investor Tribe management platform of choice for Jim Pfeifer and the Left Field Investor’s Community.  
Tribevest is a strategic partner and sponsor of Passive Investing from Left Field.  

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