How to Smooth Out the Lumps for Consistent Returns with Sean Donnelly

Sean Donnelly is Managing Director at a reinsurance company and is one of the founders of Left Field Investors.  Sean has been a “right fielder” for most of his investing career, but found passive investing and is solidly in center field now through his new investments in passive syndications combined with his continued investments in the stock market and paper assets. In this episode, Sean talks about how he got into passive investing, the importance of a network in helping build your investing confidence and how the consistent returns of passive investing can be more attractive than the lumpy returns of active investing.

Sean discusses how his real estate journey started with an underperforming flip and progressed through owning rentals and now is focused on passive real estate syndications. He also talks about the Founding of Left Field Investors and how it is helpful having a network for finding sponsors and vetting sponsors.  He mentions the importance of investing with sponsors that you know, like and trust and how critical that is to successful investing in syndications.

Sean discusses some of his favorite asset classes – some he has already invested in and others that he has his eyes on – as well as how passive income will support and enhance his retirement.

Podcasts Sean recommends:
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TED Radio Hour
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You can connect with Sean on LinkedIn or you can find him on the Left Field Investors Infielder’s Forum.

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