How to Build Wealth: Masterclass in Passive Investing Through Real Estate – Part 1

For this episode, we are releasing our exclusive MASTERCLASS on building wealth through passive Real Estate. In this 9-part MASTERCLASS, passive investing expert Jim Pfeifer, founder of Left Field Investors, sits down with Tribevest’s Julian McClurkin. Jim reveals how to put your money to work through strategies that only recently became available to the average investor.

Millions of people are wisely reallocating their recent gains from the stock market (and Crypto!) and diversifying to tangible assets. Real Estate is the perfect asset to protect against market crashes and inflation. It’s no wonder this tactic is how the wealthy have played the game for centuries.

We will be covering the following chapters in this episode:
1.     What is Passive Investing?
2.     What is a Syndication?
3.     What are the Pros and Cons of Passive Syndications?
4.     How to Pick a Sponsor

The following chapters will be discussed in next weeks episode:
5.     How to Pick an Asset Class
6.     How Can You Diversify by Market?
7.     How Do We Choose a Deal?
8.     What to Expect When Investing in a Syndication
9.     How to Invest With a Tribe

These topics will be familiar to many of you, but the intent of the masterclass is to give an overview of passive investing that will hopefully help beginners as well as experienced investors.

We want to thank Trivevest, and especially Julian McClurkin, for supporting us in the production on the Masterclass.  We would also like to thank the entire LFI team, Chad, Sean, Ryan & Steve, for their help in creating the content – we certainly could not have done it without them!

If you would like to contact Jim Pfeifer, you can email him at or if you would like to find out more about Left Field Investors go to


Our sponsor, Tribevest provides the easiest way to form, fund, and manage your Investor Tribe with people you know like, and trust.  Tribevest is the Investor Tribe management platform of choice for Jim Pfeifer and the Left Field Investor’s Community.  
Tribevest is a strategic partner and sponsor of Passive Investing from Left Field.  

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