Group Investing Simplified through Tribevest with Founder, Travis Smith

Travis Smith is the Founder & CEO of Tribevest, a platform to launch an investor entity, pool capital, and experience wealth-building with friends, family, and people you trust. In this episode, Travis talks about why he started Tribevest, how the platform helps group invest together while solving for lack of capital, experience and community.

Travis discusses how group investing gets you into more deals which helps with portfolio diversification. He also talks about some of the challenges of group investing and how Tribevest assists tribes in overcoming those challenges through the Same Page report and helping establish rules of the road early in the process.

Travis mentions how a platform such as Tribevest opens passive syndication investment to more people – not just the “country club” set.  The platform can help both who have money but no time as well as those who don’t have the capital but want to learn together.

Travis talks about how technology has changed the “stranger means danger” to allow strangers to interact – whether that’s through platforms like Aribnb, Uber or Tribevest.  He also discusses the benefits of pooling resources such as capital, experience and Community.

Podcasts Travis recommends:

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The Tim Ferriss Show

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