From Accidental Landlord to Passive Investor with Ryan Stieg

Ryan Stieg is a passive investor and a Co-Founder of Left Field.  He owns a portfolio of 1-3 unit properties in five different markets and more than 20 syndication investments in notes, mobile homes, life settlements, crypto, self-storage,  multi-family and more. In this episode, Ryan talks about how he realized single family homes are great investments, but difficult to scale which led him to develop a network to help him get into real estate syndications.

Ryan talks about using mentors and networks to help validate his investing style and decisions and how being part of a Community has helped him become a better investor.  He realized that he can offset some of his weaknesses with the strengths of those in his network in the same way that he can share his strengths to help others.

Ryan discusses the five different types of return he can get from active investing: cash flow, loan paydown, taxes, appreciation and the inflation erosion of debt.

Ryan and I also talk about Tribevest and why we started a Tribe together as a way to diversify into different syndicators, markets and assets.  Ryan mentions that belonging to a Tribe and a Community has helped him find new deals and new sponsors and made him a better passive investor.

Ryan talks about how accumulation of assets is less important than increasing the number of income streams – he accumulates assets that produce cash flow as a way of producing sustainable wealth.  He also discusses the importance of finding sponsors you know like, and who have a positive track record and systems in place to ensure their success is repeatable.

Podcasts Ryan recommends:
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The Brendon Show

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