Forcing Appreciation by Investing in World Class Resorts with Josh McCallen

Josh McCallen is the Co-Founder of Accountable Equity and a nationally recognized capital syndicator, hospitality investor, turnaround specialist, conference speaker, innovator, builder & developer with a track record for the development of exceptional resort properties and growing world-class operational teams.  In this episode Josh talks about forcing equity through resort investing and service that revives the soul!

Josh discusses the importance of building a Community of people you know, like and trust. This Community includes not only his investors, but also the guests who stay at his resorts as well as the employees who work there.  Josh talks about how quality service and hospitality can “revive the soul” of both guests and employees and that is what they strive for at their Vivamee resorts.

Josh talks about buying resort properties and forcing appreciation by repositioning them and giving the properties a new life and a new culture.  He discusses how his resorts made it through the pandemic by pre-booking hundreds of weddings and coming up with innovative ideas like an outdoor winter festival. Josh mentions that there are three ways to invest with Accountable Equity: an equity position in the resorts, heavy cash flow from EiF’s – Efficient Income Funds which includes some exposure to solar and notes through the collateralized debt fund.

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