Creating Real Wealth with Kathy Fettke

Kathy Fettke is the CEO of Real Wealth Network, host of the Real Wealth Show and author of Retire Rich with Rentals.  She helps people build wealth with cash flowing real estate through single family rentals, syndications and more.  She has grown an amazing network and built a great Community and shares our focus on networking and education. In this episode, Kathy talks about how she got started in real estate, the value of quality property management and the power of a network and community.

Kathy talks about how she got started in real estate through creative house hacking followed by monetizing her radio show in an unexpected way and how that eventually grew into the business she has today. Kathy mentions booking Robert Kiyosaki on her radio show and that led to him recommending she get out of some of the overpriced markets and start buying in Texas.  She followed his advice, as did her growing community, and they not only made money in Texas but avoided losing money when the over-priced markets tanked.

Kathy discusses taking advantage of opportunities in a down market and buying assets when most people are fearful.  She also talks about property being overvalued now in some areas, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still opportunity out there.  She discusses demographics and the effect that will have over the next few years which leads her to markets in the Southeast.

Kathy talks about single family turnkey operations and the importance of understanding that means different things to different people and it’s essential to get on the same page as those you are doing business with.  To accomplish that, she established guidelines for all of her operators so that her network gets a similar experience regardless of the operator or market. Kathy discusses property management and its importance to the bottom line for all real estate – “Success of your real estate depends on your property manager”.

Kathy mentions that there are ways to get started with limited funds and that wealth can grow steadily through investing in real estate on a regular basis.  She also talks about the network effect and how pushing her providers to share information has improved the performance for everyone. She discusses how the strength of a network is to find problems early and share in the solutions as well as to help each other find opportunities and the importance of learning from each other and using the leverage of a network.

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