The following is a list of some of the books Left Fielders enjoy:

Passive Real Estate Investing

Written by Left Fielders

Personal Finance

Business & Mindset

Real Estate, Taxes & Demographics


Why Passively Invest in Self Storage by Jason Stofer

5 Reasons Real Estate Is the Smartest Investment by GoodEgg

Vetting Sponors & Syndications
with Travis Watts

The Passive Income Physician by Thomas Black MD 2018

The Complete Guide to Real Estate Syndications for Passive Investors by Michael Blank, Nighthhawk Equity

A Guide to Passively Investing In Commercial Real Estate by Whitney Sewell, Founder & CEO, Life Bridge Capital

Leading the Round: 111 Questions Passive Investors Should be Asking, by Hunter Thompson, Cash Flow Connections

Passive Investing Resource: A Guide for Making Informed Decisions when Investing Passively by Best Ever Guide

Understanding Real Estate Private Placements by Ashcroft Capital

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