Alternative Investing with The Prolific Investor, Chris Odegard

Chris Odegard is The Prolific Investor.  Chris worked in corporate America for over 30 years before going full time in alternative investments.  His goal to help improve the financial lives of Americans one blog article at a time through his Prolific Investor blog.  In this episode, Chris talks about how alternative investments allowed him to recover quickly from a massive “illiquidity event”, his Hierarchy of Investors and how alternative investments outperform traditional investments.

Chris talks about how he was a conventional investor most of his life until he found real estate and passive investing.  He mentions that his goal is to help people achieve financial freedom so that work is a choice, rather than a necessity.

Chris likes multifamily apartments right now because of the undersupply of affordable housing.  He also recommends that everyone swing for the fences in asymmetric return bets with small percentage of your portfolio. He mentioned Palm Beach Research for help in finding some of these potential opportunities.

Chris talks about some of the tax law changes for disregarded entities and how those entities are treated and the importance of a quality tax advisor.

Chris discusses his Hierarchy of Investors and the importance of insurability and leverage in his investment philosophy.  He compares actual stock market returns to the returns from alternative investment including the tax benefits that really make a difference.  He includes an example of alternative investments compared to a 401k for young investors and explains how leverage and tax treatment of alternative investments can vastly outperform a 401k even with an employer match. Click these links to get access to the Hierarchy of Investments and the 401k vs SFH Rental resources from The Prolific Investor website.

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