41. Reviving the Soul by Investing in World Class Resorts

Josh McCallen is a nationally recognized capital syndicator, hospitality investor, turnaround specialist, conference speaker, innovator, builder & developer with a track record for the development of exceptional resort properties and growing world-class operational teams.  Josh was also a guest on Episode #2 of the Passive Investing from Left Field Podcast. In this episode, Josh talks about forcing equity through resort investing and service that revives the soul!

Josh explains his two companies – Accountable Equity which is investor focused and raises money for investing in resorts and Vivamee which is hospitality focused on the guests that stay in the resorts.


Josh mentions that there are three ways to invest with Accountable Equity: an equity position in the resorts, heavy cash flow from Efficient Income Funds (EIF’s) which offer a return combined with tax efficiency and notes through a private REIT with a collateralized debt fund.


Josh talks about the difference between Marriott and other name brand hotels and resorts operated by Vivamee.  He explains that business hotels have really struggled through Covid, but the “drive-to” resorts with lifestyle experiences have thrived through the pandemic.  


Josh discusses the decision to purchase Airbnb properties nearby to his resort properties and his plans to expand the operation to build additional duplexes or fourplexes to rent to wedding parties.


Josh talks about the structure of the equity investments in the resort properties and that cash flow can be expected by year two, capital will be returned within five years and investors will maintain ownership in the resorts.


Josh discusses the Efficient Income Fund which is optimized to offer full tax depreciation while also providing a cash-on-cash return to the investor.  The EIF allows Josh to buy capital improvements like golf carts and kitchen equipment and rather than leasing the equipment they use the investors’ money to buy these assets and provide a return and depreciation write-offs to investors.


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Contact Josh and Join his Community at AccountableEquity.com.


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