40. Back to Basics with Twenty Questions and Dan Bartholomew

Dan Bartholomew is a financial advisor and a beginning passive investor.  He invested in his first two deals with a group using Tribevest.  He has been listening to the podcast and making a list of questions and agreed to be a guest on the show to get his questions answered – in order to help us all become better investors! 

Questions asked and answered in this episode:

·       What is the difference between Cost Segregation and Bonus Depreciation? What is Depreciation Recapture?

·       What is a Real Estate Professional (REP) and what are the benefits of being an REP?

·       What is Cash on Cash return and IRR? For ATM’s, Cash on Cash return is greater than IRR in the proforma – why?

·       What is Forced Appreciation? Is it different from Forced Equity?

·       What is velocity of money as it relates to passive investing.  How can you get your capital returned and still own the asset?

·       What is a cap rate and why is it important?

·       When you are new to passive investing and you don’t know how to digest all the information a sponsor sends for a deal, what should you focus on?

·       How do you know if a deal is geared towards cash flow, appreciation or tax advantages?  Is it possible to get all 3 in one deal? 

·       What is Economic Vacancy?

·       What is the Capital Stack?

·       What is Preferred Return (Pref)?

·       What is the difference between Class A and Class B shares?

·       Why would a company like Walgreens or Dollar Tree choose a triple net lease arrangement?

·       What is Break-Even Occupancy?

·       What is an acceptable GP/LP split?

·       What is the Equity Multiplier?

·       Is there one deal or one mistake that you made that changed the way you invest?



Podcasts he recommends:

Tim Ferris 

Jocko Podcast  

Passive Investing from Left Field


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